Saturday, June 13

Driving me mad!!

I'm in the phase of trying something new this vacation, and its been driving a two-wheeler.  

Its totally funny when i tell you about it, but trust me it wasn't one bit funny while driving.

This could become a universal truth-
Learn driving in my hometown and you can drive in any place in the world.  
I'll tell you why-

The street where my house is situated is bumpy to the core... Laying of roads and then digging pits for one reason or the other has been going on.. So finally the bumpy stretch (my so called street) is in this state..  I can safely bet no ride in an amusement park could be crazier.  I learnt driving a two-wheeler in an outer area of my grandparents' place. Meaning to say, no other vehicle other than mine on the road :p  

So its been one hell of a transition driving here in my hometown.  The two-wheeler I have is no good either.  The horn wouldn't work and so wouldn't the indicators.  So each time I cross a junction I either have to stop and peer my head around the corner to look if any vehicle's headed for the junction or simply have my fingers crossed that none would be there.  This is how I'm driving.  

I get nervous when the person behind me starts saying something (my mom does that, my sis though knows better about my temper and keeps mum- I personally think she silently keeps praying there shouldn't be an accident).  I never once fell down.  However in the learning stage, I had this intention of going towards an opposite vehicle instead of away from it.  Maybe because, I keep thinking there's a vehicle coming opposite my subconscious mind thinks I have a crush towards it or something, that it automatically draws me to it.  ;)  Apart from the stares I get from them, thank goodness there has been no crash.  One thing though, an average runner could easily overtake me. Thats my speed.  The only place I go fast is in the beach road, where again my vehicle is the only one on the road :)  And again I have to kick start my vehicle like crazy to get it started.  

There's many a time I got stranded in the road kicking on my vehicle like crazy, i figured one thing always works. Think of someone who pissed you off and kick,  vrroooom! it starts.  Works everytime ;)

Given all this, I think I should be granted my license without appearing for the exam.  Could there be a test, more vigorous than the one I take everytime I drive?
All the same, I enjoy driving :) :) ;)
Cheers ppl, Life's crazy!!
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)