Tuesday, September 29

Letting it show

Are you the kind of person who lets your emotions show in your face? Would others be able to tell what state of mind you are in by just looking at you? And are you okay with that?

I agree, that could be called remaining true to oneself, others, blah blah blah....

But what when, it becomes a problem? Like

You are in heights of happiness for some reason. This Reason you've arrived at, believed it true, your wild imagination spree starts, you grin, you blush, you're happy, your face is beaming, you're radiating happiness. Its okay to be spreading this kind of cheer in the air. But what IF, the reason you had was on a shaky foundation. What IF you had it all wrong. Your imagination comes crashing to the ground, and so does your self-esteem. You are angry you let yourself get carried away. Even if you aren't to blame, you think you suddenly seem vulnerable to even such a silly thing. You think everything was ridiculous, a lousy mistake.

You are this eccentric cheerful person, getting everyone around you to laugh. You make everybody laugh, the laughter which crosses the decent scale acceptable in society. Being that person, one day something is bugging you and your face is the crankiest thing possible. You are irritating to the core snapping at everybody who comes your way, no time for retrospection. You are Crankiness Personified. Then people come and ask you the reason for your mood. Why should this question alone be met with a proper reply? Mr./Ms. Crankiness Personified snaps at them. Later, you think everything was ridiculous, a lousy mistake.

All this, cos you are an expert at flexing you facial muscles to project what you are feeling. And most of the times, at a later point you end up repenting what you did earlier. So, why vent your emotions? Why not keep a hold on your integrity then? Good for you, good for everybody.

For the greater good,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

Sunday, September 20

Enlightened to Enlighten

Holy Cross Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School

Nostalgia as I step into the campus, to cast my vote first time. Dad being a dutiful citizen, dragged me out of the bed at 6:15. I groggily went without taking bath to my beloved campus. It then struck me - how much I miss my school.

The bell would ring at 8:30. I and my sis would start running from home at 8:27 and yes make it in time. School was stone's throw away from home. First hour everyday, for 14 years was Moral Science. To my alma mater, it was values before knowledge, everytime. Today, I realise how much these values have become an integral part of me.

LKG - Report Card arrives home carrying my Mam's comments 'Promotion Doubtful'
Yes, from my doubtful promotion to UKG to topping the district in 12th exams, my school has had the major role to play.

We eagerly looked forward to lab sessions and always got accurate readings. In case we did not, went to the extent of repairing the equipment themselves. Once, I emerged all greasy after making all the Daniel and Lechlanche cells in the lab work. The lab staff encouraged that kind of stuff. Here in college though, I hate labs. I literally HATE lab sessions.

The school chapel - no better place to pray. This is default in my itinerary on my visits to Tuty. I spend atleast half an hour there. The silence, peace, goodness this place brings. I miss tuty for that.

The mission sales - A full day sale on campus, where the profits are given to the mission. The innumerable stuff we come up with for selling - My, that was so cool!! Putting up a shamiana, the size of our basketball court- calling it the 12B restaurant. Ourselves waiting at the tables. Finally competing for the class with the max profit. :) Chopping up kgs and kgs of fruits to prepare delicious Fruit Salad, with milk powder, vanilla essence, raisins and nuts, chill it and store it for the next day. Ah, mouth watering even when I think about it.

Special classes in the evening, were we do nothing better than throng our canteen. Special classes in the summer hols for 12th when we were the only ones on campus. We did every possible stunt :p Those days when we bunk in school to leave for excursion early the next morning. Midnight basketball, sleeping in the corridor, scaring others with the eerie noises and secretly being scared ourselves. Ends with a good hearing from our staff, who is secretly amused with all this but then does her duty of scolding us :p

Dance practices in the auditorium above the labs. The age old building would literally shake when we are on our practising spree. The throw ball sessions during P.T class where the whole wide campus can hear our outroar. Thats coz we show 101 reactions for each throw like we're pro.

The buildings - The block where I spent my 6th and 7th std carried this sign 'Tread softly. Do not run' There were visible cracks over the place. Those days we dreaded landing along with debris on the primary class kids right below us. Our dreadful fantasies came to an end with the building being brought down and a trendier one was constructed.

And to think that all this was made possible by four French sisters who came down in 1904 to the small town of Tuticorin and sowed seeds to the larger than life school that it is today! More than a 100 years old, it is sure to witness the coming centuries, with students entering and leaving the portals of this shrine of learning. And I shall, forever be proud to brand myself a Holy Crossian!!!

Forever indebted,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

Saturday, September 12

Random things that spice up Life!!

Trying out one-liners has been the culmination of all of it!!

Impossible made possible - Waking up for class on a Saturday morning!

Wouldn't miss for the world - The once-in-a-time hot dosas in mess though i'm already five mins late for class!

Terrible Twist- Only to find first hour cancelled. Darn! I could have had my morning coffee :(

Something amiss - Preparation for a presentation which at last I din have to deliver!

Muzzy mystery - Amidst terror sleeping in class, the notes I took which look nothing more than typical Greek and Latin now! (Even more mysterious, coz the subject happens to be Total Quality Mgmt :p )

Lunch - One huge bar chocolate! Yes, thats it!

Conquering the insurmountable - Hundred pages of a novel, the size of my pillow which in the past served its diligent purpose of putting me to sleep!

Out of the blue - Cafe Coffee Day-A lot can happen over coffee! Straight outta the heart, girl talk with my mate :) Irish coffee, Chicken hot dog! Cute kid in pink dancing ballet all over the place.

Quote of the day - Whats with guys and pink shirts? (Seriously people, it drives me MAD!)

Sheer bliss - Driving in the Kottur Road! Was literally screaming with joy while driving :p Darn it mate, I love driving :)

A pinch back to Reality - An ant which landed out of nowhere on my arm. Thanks to it, my arm is now swollen to twice its size.

Reliving History - The SQC Pathfinder. I could practically recall what my seniors spoke in my first year. This is one thing I din want to miss for the world. A lovely session. A great club :)
My favourite!

Too much of anything - Listening to the same song over and over for about ten times all the while writing this post. I'm sure i won't be listening to it for a long time!

So many things to fall in love with life!!

Its gonna be great
Its gonna be more than I can take
Its gonna be free
Its gonna be real
Its gonna change everything I feel
Its gonna be safe
Its gonna be new
Its gonna be me baby
Its gonna be you baby
Its gonna be love :)
-Background song in 'A Walk to Remember' which has forever since remained the startup sound in my laptop...

It simply makes sense to me here!
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

Thursday, September 3

Cannot be reached at the moment? You sure?

A very beautiful poem in a magazine inspired me on this post.  I’ve tried hard to reproduce that
style here. J

* In the bus, after a huge struggle with the crowd I manage to seat myself.  She's sitting opposite me, looking intently at me.  I wear an intriguing look on my face and try to recognise her.  She slowly smiles mockingly.  Ah!! I rack my brain trying to place where I would have met her.  No attempt to recall her name (Even now, when I get back to my native place I meet my schoolmates on the road and chat with them like long last friends.  After that when I resume walking with mom, she would ask me what her name is.  And I would say, "Yes, I was thinking hard to recall it.  I almost remembered.  You disturbed me." :p)  So back to the story.  I've racked my brain like anything and sit there accepting defeat.  She gives an expression of disappointment and turns away.  She's mouthing something but I'm not able to get that.  Despite the crowd, I would have left my seat gone to her, when I notice she's not looking at me.  She's looking at a person seated away from me, looking intently, smiling mockingly, showing disappointment n al that.  This puzzled me bigtime. 

She then gets down and it was then I realise she has been on her phone all the while. 

* Lyrics from a song in my favourite movie goes like this:

"Kalikaalam aagi pochu vathiyare

 Tholaipaesiyil kadhal solraan vathiyare

 Marunaal naerla paatha vathiyare

 Ne yaarunu kaekurane vathiyare"


which roughly translates to:

"Doomsday is near cos

 He is confessing his love over the phone

 The next day he meets the same girl

 And asks her who she is!!"


* And ya Wall.E movie (such a wonderful movie)

In the spaceship Wall.E notices two of our future selves (heavy built, lazy to the core, ugly, sophisticated folks) chatting thru the computer before them, never realising that the person they are chatting to, is right by their side. 

Now do you think that was far-fetched.?


* I keep chatting with my friend, something I wanted to share with her for a long time... She sits in a slouched position and suddenly lifts her head beaming.  That was a totally inappropriate reaction cos I wasn't telling her anything she should be beaming about.  She says, "Hey sorry! Just look at this msg na...." and goes on with the funny story associated with it, or "Hey important call. Sorry" and lo! just disappears.

* Or take places where mobiles with their shrieky ringtones outdo opera singers.  Why! take the instance of my friend who attended his job interview which lasted 20 mins in which his mobile went off only twice.  Now, thats supposed to be an excellent example of oxymoron.  Job interview and Mobile going off!!

* Present day, everybody can classify their friends as mobile friends and non-mobile friends.  Meaning to say, friends whom we spend more time with, through the phone and then the others.  You have more knowledge on the lunch your mobile friend had rather than the non-mobile friend who had lunch sitting opposite you.  You have the itinerary of that person's day in your inbox, but you have no idea where your roommate is or what he/she did from the morning. 

 * And ya, right outside our department in college, there are six really cute puppies.  Anytime somebody crosses, they would come running, wagging their tail like crazy and come lick their feet.  Then, some students take out their phones and take videos or photos of the puppies.  They see the puppies only through their mobile screens. They restrict their vision to that 2x2 inch screen. 

Where is scope for reality there?


All this is okay till

  • One becomes obsessed with their mobile phones.
  • One becomes oblivious to their surrounding because of their phones.


Given all this,

To a father, whose daughter is travelling alone, the call she does to say "I've reached safely Dad.  I'm alright." the mobile becomes more than just an electronic device.  It brings life back to him.  He is forever thankful to the invention.

Until later,

Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e).