Sunday, May 31

Secrets Revealed

Thats kinda stupid!!!

Coz I believe I'm a girl of many secrets and all I hear is ppl telling me I'm an open book..

I remember English class in 12th std and mam asked something about us, I said I'm an introvert and the funny part is I believed it was true till now..

Now, what really happened?
God! Life's happening and I can't seem to keep track of it enough! Phew!
I don't hold one secret (If secret still means what only one person knows).  There's everything about me, that atleast one other person knows..

Could it be really serious?
I don't understand myself -in that I think something about me, and the whole world thinks the exact opposite..  Even if this is gonna pose no harm, I better go contact a psychatrist right now...

Linda Goodman says Cancerians have a lot of secrets....
Have I happily believed in that that its hard to let go...

I din have one friend I can call 'close' or 'best' in school...
There was this gang of mine which met for lunch, only for lunch!
And I was okay with that.  :p
It all happened here in coll... I've this great gang of gala gala friends...
And a 'bosom friend' for life.
Maybe thats why...

Truth is, I have my friends and life has become a much better place to live in, that its changed this one very important trait of mine..  And I for one, am glad fate happened....

Some things are beautiful when kept inside oneself- to think and to keep on thinking about it...
Such things for me when shared with my friends has given beautiful moments, I'd take pride treasuring  :)

A tribute to my friends,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

p.s.  I'll be using smileys which don have a nose, in that
        it'll be like :) instead of :-) because of a promise I 
        made to my friend who hasn't one.. Ha, ha you'll
        figure it out when you look at her.  (Cool, mate!)

Wednesday, May 20

Smitten by love

Yes, I've fallen head over heels in love with this book, "Anne of Green Gables".  Some of you may think its kiddish.  But no, you can derive so much from it time to time.  I chanced upon this book back in my school library and borrowed it so many times then on, that i've memorised half of it.  It is a series of eight books written by Lucy Maud Montgomery about the life of Anne Shirley.  

Anne is an orphan who has a splendid imagination and mesmerises people with her talk.  She comes to green gables under the care of Mathew and Marilla Cuthbert.  She has had a hard time in life and is in the 'heights of happiness' when she's been adopted.  So its 'depths of despair' when she figures that there had been a mistake.  They had wanted a boy not a girl.  She goes on to stay and her life then on, in school, at GreenGables forms the story.  It happens in the beautiful Prince Edward island of Canada.  The author beautifully brings Canada in front of your eyes that I personally feel, the movie din do full justice to the aesthetic sense of the author.  

Anne is bound to become your heroine.  You simply can't get enough of her admiration for everything in life.  Her fancies, imaginations, dreams and clumsy little wrongdoings. Gilbert Blythe(!!!).  He's another reason why you should read this book.

I really wouldn't be able to tell you the story in par with the author.  So get your copy and read it.  And go ahead, fall in love. 

Happy reading,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)
(Anne Shirley stresses on this point, and so do I ;)  )  

Sunday, May 17


Now, do you get scared at the things life has got in store for you?

These things give you a jolt the first time you think about it. It keeps reeling in your mind, scaring the guts out of you. And then not even knowing fully about it, you shun away from it. You don't wanna do it, don't wanna make any effort to know further about it.

Why does all this happen?

Here's my go at it.

  • You have no experience about this, and that scares you… Or we could call it, “Doing something for the first time”

This is natural. The reason why we cry on the first day of kindergarten. The reason why being alone someplace new terrorises you. The reason why anything new sends a shiver down your spine. 

But, I gotta admit not every firsts go like this. There are a lot of things you enjoy doing for the first time. This thing you are scared of- you’ll enjoy it after its over. Darn, the fact is, people just wouldn’t remember that “instant of trembliness” after its all over. All the same you experience it. Ah, and seriously some of you are brave enough, you never get that feeling. I admire people like that.
People like that- I’ll be awfully glad to get pointers from you on how to be brave like that. 

There is this friend of mine, who holds dear this line:

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

This whole mighty world has got a place for you in it. You gotta co-exist. There need be no need for you to get scared or tensed about it. Just think about it. Everything is there for you to be a part of. Then why be hesitant at being a part of. Its only “being a part of”. Its not about winning or losing at it. In fact, you can never tell which is which. What is winning to you, maybe the criteria of a total loser to another. So why bother?? Now that doesn’t sound scary at all- just being a part of. 

  •  Often it is one of those things you are not interested in, that its got this prologue of trembliness. But then mate, looking at the things ones not interested in…. hmmm…. I’d classify my “enemies” in that list (Again, my friends have told me not to use that notorious term easily on anybody, but as of now :p ). If you aren’t a scorpio (who’d love the chance to get back on their enemies), you are so totally ‘not-interested’ in them and their doings. This leads to the fact that you don’t freak out at having to encounter them, let alone getting scared. Think of that thing (the I-scare-you thing) also in that light. And lo! it doesn’t even matter anymore. 

  •  Just classify it into one of these and keep reminding yourself about it, everytime an i-scare-you thing pops into your life. Soon enough, it becomes a part of your attitude and you’re happy with it. Its no longer, ‘scary-things’ in your life, but ‘surprises’ of life.

“You could be mad as a mad dog at the way things went
You could swear,
Curse the fates….
But when it comes to the end.
You have to let go.”

- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

This is all that is,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e).

Wednesday, May 13

Perfecting the Art of Laziness

Could there be a better line to an ad about a Holiday Resort than this:

“Perfecting the Art of Laziness”

I’m a great fan of these artistic lines.

To express a lot in a few words!!! Great marketing plan mate. Through pictures and videos, it becomes relatively easy (Or so I think). But in a few words, to capture people’s hearts and minds?? It’s a meticulously conceived brilliant job I should say.

The one I love most is this poem (kinda) about a bank..

She knows whats amazing about you
She knows whats not
She knows your hands go damp in the lift
That you aren’t listening when you swear you are
You think its scary to have someone like that
Its scarier still
Not having someone like that
We understand relationships
Which is why our bank offers….. blah blah blah

Great, right?

Will keep updating this post.

Until later,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

Sunday, May 3


I'm damn sure all of us experience this (coz its a happened a lot o' times to me, and i'm no supernatural being).

Have you ever been in a state, when you're totally pissed off with the people around you. And it feels so alien because they're the people you always had a hell lot of fun with. Whose company brought you that good sense of life, of living. Physical pain seems nothing then. The emotional turbulence you go through, is so disheartening. You know well enough, this is not what you want to go through, but all the same its happening to you and you are helpless about it. Those times you are convinced you can't do anything about it. You feel people around you are so selfish (somehow i don like that word, i prefer self-centred instead- To me self-centred is more an irony than notorious selfish. N i think irony is one of the most brilliantly conceived ideas). Things really bad (most of them not true) about those people start reeling in your mind. You want to shut if off, but there's a secret yearning to let it continue, to let those not-good ideas take root in your heart. Those times mate, you really need to seal the by-pass from your mind to the heart. Let your mind be strong then. Your heart- let it be vulnerable. No, its good. You've got to let your emotions show. Basic human being. (Being - the verb).
Divert your mind. You'd want to talk about it most probably. You're absolutely sure no one would listen to you, or rather listen for listen-sake. Trust me mate, you'd really want the person listening to you too, to form those ideas in their mind. And you wouldn't be convinced until they do. So there's a lot of controlling your mind's got to do. Let me tell you, don't control that either. Imaginations or thoughts or reminiscences or perceptions need constantly be flowing in your mind. Again- basic human being.

I've arrived at this solution (And that evolved when i began this post).
Seriously do something else.
Most of the times the above is impossible.
Think about that situation from a new light.
Better still, the vantage point.
Trust me, i know its real difficult.
But once you achieve that, you become a human being you want the earth to be filled with.
And whats more wonderful than being content with one-self.
That mate, is the principle of being.

Happy being,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

P.S. Excuse me if i make no sense here. But do come back, read this, when you are in a furious state you have no words to explain.