Monday, January 4

Irony is a brilliant word

Often life is an irony (Ah, there you go, one of my favourite words from the English language).

When you have sketched a rough draft of life-to-your-liking in your mind and when it happens in reality one fine sunny day (Though in my case a cold evening), you're baffled!!! Can dreams seem so realistic. There you stop to pinch yourself and painfully realise harsh reality. You're pretty confident its a miracle nonetheless. Which is the irony cos, everytime you imagined it, (or in our case, 'sketched' it (am an engineering student you see)), you and i took utmost care to ensure reality circumstances of its happening. But then reality copied a bit too much from the sketch. That is what left you speechless.

The happiness it brings has been relished in our make-believe world. And now you are convinced, you can never be that happy and so the Baah! look. Irony again. So if this is what is happening, it means you are too happy for words.

N I sit here accepting defeat (or rather typing in my defeat), at the fact that "At times happiness can't just be expressed in words" and this blog post is solid proof (or digital proof) for the same.

Agitated yet sane,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e) (Wondering if i'll ever get bored with this kind of sign-off)

p.s The post has more content within brackets than outside (if it has any content at all that is) ;)