Tuesday, February 15

For quite sometime..

For quite sometime, I forgot my dear blog existed.

Meantime, I have crossed many uniquely different bends in my road, each bringing with it the inevitable element of surprise. (Yes, I read a couple of more Anne books ;) )

In the marathon of life, we have been running and in the process, grown old of certain things dear to us. Pardon the simile, but just like we grow out of our shoes. And then the shoe holds no purpose. Only memories. Memories of falling down from the bike, of those cherished walks and talks with our loved ones, of the once-upon-a-time good times which can never be the same again.

And then you sneak into new shoes and keep running. You can't afford to stop. The world has brought us to that. However, there comes a moment when you stop short of breath. The only thing on your mind now is the shoe. You find yourself going back to it to kindle memories and bask in the sweetness it brings. And sincerely hope that it gives you that energy to start running again.

Shoe has become blog and I am running frantically, hoping this post gives me the energy for quite sometime.

For quite a long time, have been and will be,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)


Harini said...

Wonderfully written Vijitha :)

Aswin Antony said...

Good one Vijitha ! Keep going !!

Kathy said...

nalla iruku :)

Abhi said...

so well written :)

Chakurino said...

Memories and shoes... I love it.

I wanted to leave a comment and say that I enjoy reading your blog.