Sunday, July 12

Spur of the moment- title and otherwise

Well, my fortune line today was: "Lose yourself in service to others" and I was like: "How long?"

Its supposed to be a good quote, make you feel good.... But the minute I read it, I was downright furious.....

This line means:  "Become a better person by serving others".
I'll deal with it like its "Losing your identity by doing things so that others shouldn't feel bad".
That can also roughly translate to "Lose yourself in service to others".

My version... 
doing others a favour which was not necessary on your part.
Something that makes them not feel uncomfortable.  
You do a little help so that they don't feel bad.  
This little service you do is not gonna mean anything to anybody.  
But you are satisfied you made them feel better.  
Saved them from some embarassment.

I am no supernatural being.  So naturally, I've begun to feel that adjusting to others' temperament hasn't done me any good.  In fact, its my life and whatever I do with it is supposed to make me feel good.  This is one principle I hold dear.  But you tend to drift exactly away from that.... Like this....

You have a conversation with someone- friend, intimate friend, acquaintance, stranger, anyone for that matter.  And later reflecting on the conversation, if for an instant you felt 'what-i-spoke-was-not-me', there- "You've lost your identity bigtime".  

Only when you have an identity for yourself, will people have an idea of who you are and place you in their mind.  But trying to help them by losing your identity is not gonna fetch you that place.  So, be yourself everytime.. Its always easy amidst strangers, but extremely tough amidst your close circle.  But totally necessary if you wanna retain the close circle.  

This is the truth and some of you may have a hard time digesting it.  But believe me mate, its taken a lot from me to be writing negative.  I'm not meaning to tell 'go-against-them'.  Just 'be-yourself-with-them'.  If it doesn't work out, it was never meant to be.  Don't live a lie.  Live life... 

Better 'not' than 'won't',
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e).

P.S.  I did warn you it was a spur of the moment thing ;) 


vaishu said...

hey OK seriously this was at the spur of the moment....But I know this was from your heart and It shows that you are really confused with it...I understand what you say in here and my small advice here is "Be yourself".You could adjust a little bit,but not enough to lose your identity...And when you lose that nothing else remains!So either go ahead being yourself and try making them understand or be someone who is not entirely you and in the process you ll start hating yourself and that person! Being yourself with strangers is easy I agree with you...but if being yourself is difficult around someone whom you think is close to you well I have a suprise for you buddy they were really not close to you in the first place!!!So try getting this out of your system :) Hope you understand my ahem "advice"


Dinesh said...

Read Atlas Shrugged :)

Recluse said...