Saturday, August 1

Bedlam broke loose - Right inside my head!!!!

The past two weeks has been one hell of a REALIZATION period...

Come on mate, my teens are over and its now I'm beginning to realise myself. Is this part of becoming mature?? I thought I already am. This truth was like a slap on my face. People just casually come my way and tell stuff I din think were odd.

Realization !

A friend of mine, simply took my mobile to read my msgs. This is weird, right? Well it isn't to him, and I really din bother, cos there was nothing personal that others shouldn't read. So, I let him. He went through my outbox and said "You send such formal msgs. Who cares to reply?" That was the context. And, Sslaaaaaaaaaapppp!!! I set my face, like I din care about it. But it kept reeling on and on in my head. And sitting in class the other day and I don't recall how the topic came about, but my mate Sam says, "You and send such formal msgs. It is very curt. I don feel like continuing the conversation!!" And, Sslaaaaaaaaaaaaappppp!! Again, in room, I tell my room-mate all this and she is like, "Yes, I've noticed this. You don't even put dots after your words let alone a smiley. Why're you so formal?" Sslaaaap!!

Darn it mate, why am I so formal? when there is absolutely no necessity to be so.

Realization @

July is such a special month to me, "My b'day falls on this month"
And I wanted all the posts on this month to signify something special.
I keep thinking
as to what I should be writing about
and lo, July is gone.

Why wasn't I able to write the first thing that pops into my head?

I compose my posts in MSWord and then post it here. It never was a type-and-go thing for me.
I take a lot of care before posting. Why? when its not necessary?

Realization #

This realization was brought about from a really funny incident in room. My room mate's got a fish bowl, with two really cute gold fish in em (I've named them nakki and pakki... he he) We forgot the species of fish (Us geeky engineering idiots got stuck with the species name). My roommate was like "Mammalia, reptilia" I laughed at all that and said "Aquaria". Everybody laughed cos its "Pisces"
The reptilia roommate was laughing over my "Aquaria" answer and I sitting on the bunker hit her with my pillow. The pillow cover caught her in the eye and it instantly became red and all swollen. She was suffering and I felt bad like anything. All the laughter was now replaced with REGRET. It was then I realised I'm a girl and supposed to behave like one. God, I feel so bad even now :( Me, realizing I ought to behave like a girl. Very funny, right?

Even now, before my @ realization I was reading through all my friends posts and that helped me with this one. Thanks LV, Michelle, vaishu and harini for helping me :)

Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e).

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