Sunday, August 16

And there was always the bend in the road…

        Some things in life, don’t turn out the way you want em to….  Some things you experience now, would have seemed far-fetched (not impossible) previously.  The context is not about things you repent now.  Things that give you that tingly feeling all over.  The niiiiiiicest things J

        Such things come to happen in everybody’s life.  Till then, you are damn sure it can’t happen in your life, of all things.  You had no opinion whatsoever on it previously, you happily believed the above.  But now that it has become an epoch in your life, its too good to let go.  You feel strong, confident, daring and all nice things you would like to associate with yourself, like never before.  You are happy with your projection to the outside world.  Your happiness is contagious to the people around you.  These things could be anything, widely varying between different kinds of people.  A lot of trivial things could be it.  Some call it love, some call it friendship, some can never come up with a word to associate it with, for them its beyond words.  You would come to believe it’s the reason for your existence.  And very often it is. 

        Then, I see no reason why you shouldn’t pursue it.  You’ve all the criteria required to pursue it.  Vibrations do exist in the world.  You keep thinking about something and there’s a high chance it’ll come true.  Put your heart and soul into anything and its bound to be good.  Life is not random.  You can influence it to an extent you can never imagine. 

        Coz, there’s always the bend in the road.  You’ll never know what lays ahead, very often it’s the nicest things- you had no idea they existed J. 

Smile a mile,

Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e).

P.S. If you've still got doubts on the pursuing part, watch "Pursuit of Happyness" :)