Monday, October 19

Take Notice

So, when you are in the verge of feeling frustrated, angry, gloomy, cranky, just stop to think.

Is it even worth it? Is it worth that much of your energy? Take it easy!!

I mean, come on now, whatever happens, life has to go on. So do you really really wanna spend the next few days or hours in those good-for-nothing feelings. Give your best shot at everything and sit back, relax and watch what happens. It goes well? There you go! You feel good :) It doesn't? Laugh at it as though it was the funniest play you ever went to. Its just a matter of conversion. Convert your good-for-nothing feelings into those that you can laugh at. Take everything in a light sense. Never let anything rule you. Never let the feelings get the better of you.

Trust in me when I tell you, its a Boggart. Its a sadist taking pleasure in what you don't want to be feeling. And you remember the remedy right? Laugh at it. Its ridikulus!

You still aren't able to arrive at that temperament?

Well do something out of the way...
Dress up in a way you normally wouldn't approve of
Put up a dumb post in your blog when its least expected of you (like my last one)
Laugh like hell at the stupidest joke you can come up with
SMS the first thing which comes to your mind, without stopping for a 0th review, 1st review...

Behave as if you haven't a care in the world and that you are waiting for THE ULTIMATE thing that can happen in your life. This is the thing you are allowed to show your feelings for, THAT is what really matters. However, you'll never know that you can never identify what that thing is! It is a search where your quest never ends.
Which is good, nonetheless..

Take it easy,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

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