Sunday, October 11

I don wannabe..... A Murderer!!

Well the title says it all..
I killed a grasshopper... Now, don't laugh. It was a giant grasshopper... Flying all over and scaring the guts out of us. Well, it liked my cot best though and happily settled there. Even after a lot of shooing n stuff it did not budge. Well it wanted to sleep there and so did I. So, I n my roomie wanted to kill it. I handed her the weapon of murder - 'A broomstick'. After watching her do a sorry job out of it, in a fury I snatched the weapon (aka broomstick) and hit it, hit it, hit it!!!

You know what happened? All the dust the broom has ever helped clean is now in my bed and the grasshopper very much alive. Grrrrrr.... Well all the humbug drove away my wanting to sleep, and frustrated by that, I brought the broom with a full blow on the grasshopper. Well.... Um.... It lost a leg, and a wing... And there it was lying lopsided on my cot (which looked nothing more than a typical dustbin right now).

It was lil uneasy you know. It did nothing except settling on my cot and dying for that is a big price. But then, it was very old I suppose. Grasshoppers are supposed to be green rite? This one was brown. So then my theory takes form. Killing somebody is wrong. But killing somebody who'd anyway die sometime soon might be forgivable. I know its stupid!!!

So the tough part, getting rid of the dead body. Folded the bedspread along with the grasshopper and it wriggled. Good heavens, it wasn't dead but horribly crippled. Which is much much much worse. N, my roomies who did a fantastic job previously of screaming whenever it chose to fly now look at it like a lil baby. And there it dawned - 'I'm a murderer and a dirty one at that'

I could have opted for mercy killing. But then enough and more sins for the day. I'l never figure out why I chose this to be blog material.

It's so easy to be wicked without knowing it, isn't it?
Anne (pronounced Anne, spelled with an e).


Mŏŗpħéōŭś said...

wat kinda environmentalist are u???? :P.... n i wud nt say its just an insect... but u neednt wry so much though. do good to others... ur bad deeds wud get erased off.....:)

vaishu said...

wow... you just helped other young grass hoppers to stay out of ur room... so in a way u helped a lot... so free

krishna said...

check out my profile pic.
he is called "the 'bug' boy".