Wednesday, February 17

Media Me

Disclaimer: This one is about me and Kurukshetra. References to others are not to be interpreted about as you desire.

Being Media core of Kurukshetra 2010 is no joke. So given that you are aware beforehand of the responsibilities of a Media Relations i/c, let me tell you the non-media stuff I had to do!!!

For one, arguing with some water supply motor operator, or rather, begging him to turn off the motor because the sound interrupted the interview.

Shifting the informals stage a foot forward, so that the backdrop can be erected. This, after the very stage had to be shifted from elsewhere to that parking lot (Okay that one I din do). While some notorious nitwit ruined the informals, amongst spectators which included one of the core members who claims he din realise something not-good was happening, my desperate attempt to get two volunteers to the spot. Finally, what was done was done and I had to sit while they reproached me.

The highlight is my transformation to one-eyed jack, when an ant of all places chose my eye to bite. I was a pretty sight! Abhi can second me on this one :-p

Elated after making an announcement in the mike, waved and shouted to a junior, only to realise a moment too late that he was with a guest!! He asked me to go ahead and tell him what I wanted to say. Wearing an ‘i-am-an-idiot expression’ asked him if he heard the announcement. To which, Dr. Sethu Vijayakumar replies, “Oh that was you! It was good.” Now, that was not embarrassing at all!

Few other lessons learnt,
Stay as far away as possible from the hospitality/information desk. One minute there and you are dead meat.

Driving lessons. We got pretty good! Nothing like practising before the VC’s office.

Just because you wear a core tag, doesn’t exactly make you one. Well, I and a junior switched places. (You gotta agree! No arguments)

Subjection to humiliation is a part and parcel of life.

Eat whenever possible. Dignity, integrity, et cetera have absolutely no say.

Deadlines - Now I know exactly why they’re called so.

Some really valuable lessons they are, trust me.
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

p.s Absolutely NO comments from fellow core members expected, encouraged or entertained ;)