Saturday, May 29

Life’s not fair

It is, when you want to throw your mobile with all the force you can muster, and get it over with. Getting to see it shatter into pieces, somehow you can handle the pressure that is breaking your heart to pieces. All the same, you cannot do that, not because the darn thing is costly but because you are helplessly in love with what is frustrating you – “Unconditionally and irrevocably in love”. And they have got to reach you. Or rather you need to cling on to them. Only then do you feel secure. That is why the whole fiasco gets staged. Either stay in love or be an unemotional idiot. Those times, being an unemotional idiot seems better off. You start wondering if it really was love on their part. Or were they simply using you and your-helplessness-in-helping them. Aarrrrghhh! Life’s not fair.

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Harini said...

Very nicely put Vijitha. So true sometimes.