Thursday, September 3

Cannot be reached at the moment? You sure?

A very beautiful poem in a magazine inspired me on this post.  I’ve tried hard to reproduce that
style here. J

* In the bus, after a huge struggle with the crowd I manage to seat myself.  She's sitting opposite me, looking intently at me.  I wear an intriguing look on my face and try to recognise her.  She slowly smiles mockingly.  Ah!! I rack my brain trying to place where I would have met her.  No attempt to recall her name (Even now, when I get back to my native place I meet my schoolmates on the road and chat with them like long last friends.  After that when I resume walking with mom, she would ask me what her name is.  And I would say, "Yes, I was thinking hard to recall it.  I almost remembered.  You disturbed me." :p)  So back to the story.  I've racked my brain like anything and sit there accepting defeat.  She gives an expression of disappointment and turns away.  She's mouthing something but I'm not able to get that.  Despite the crowd, I would have left my seat gone to her, when I notice she's not looking at me.  She's looking at a person seated away from me, looking intently, smiling mockingly, showing disappointment n al that.  This puzzled me bigtime. 

She then gets down and it was then I realise she has been on her phone all the while. 

* Lyrics from a song in my favourite movie goes like this:

"Kalikaalam aagi pochu vathiyare

 Tholaipaesiyil kadhal solraan vathiyare

 Marunaal naerla paatha vathiyare

 Ne yaarunu kaekurane vathiyare"


which roughly translates to:

"Doomsday is near cos

 He is confessing his love over the phone

 The next day he meets the same girl

 And asks her who she is!!"


* And ya Wall.E movie (such a wonderful movie)

In the spaceship Wall.E notices two of our future selves (heavy built, lazy to the core, ugly, sophisticated folks) chatting thru the computer before them, never realising that the person they are chatting to, is right by their side. 

Now do you think that was far-fetched.?


* I keep chatting with my friend, something I wanted to share with her for a long time... She sits in a slouched position and suddenly lifts her head beaming.  That was a totally inappropriate reaction cos I wasn't telling her anything she should be beaming about.  She says, "Hey sorry! Just look at this msg na...." and goes on with the funny story associated with it, or "Hey important call. Sorry" and lo! just disappears.

* Or take places where mobiles with their shrieky ringtones outdo opera singers.  Why! take the instance of my friend who attended his job interview which lasted 20 mins in which his mobile went off only twice.  Now, thats supposed to be an excellent example of oxymoron.  Job interview and Mobile going off!!

* Present day, everybody can classify their friends as mobile friends and non-mobile friends.  Meaning to say, friends whom we spend more time with, through the phone and then the others.  You have more knowledge on the lunch your mobile friend had rather than the non-mobile friend who had lunch sitting opposite you.  You have the itinerary of that person's day in your inbox, but you have no idea where your roommate is or what he/she did from the morning. 

 * And ya, right outside our department in college, there are six really cute puppies.  Anytime somebody crosses, they would come running, wagging their tail like crazy and come lick their feet.  Then, some students take out their phones and take videos or photos of the puppies.  They see the puppies only through their mobile screens. They restrict their vision to that 2x2 inch screen. 

Where is scope for reality there?


All this is okay till

  • One becomes obsessed with their mobile phones.
  • One becomes oblivious to their surrounding because of their phones.


Given all this,

To a father, whose daughter is travelling alone, the call she does to say "I've reached safely Dad.  I'm alright." the mobile becomes more than just an electronic device.  It brings life back to him.  He is forever thankful to the invention.

Until later,

Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e).

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vaishu said...

What you said is completely true and is what happening in real time...
Your post inspired me to write one Check it out!