Tuesday, September 29

Letting it show

Are you the kind of person who lets your emotions show in your face? Would others be able to tell what state of mind you are in by just looking at you? And are you okay with that?

I agree, that could be called remaining true to oneself, others, blah blah blah....

But what when, it becomes a problem? Like

You are in heights of happiness for some reason. This Reason you've arrived at, believed it true, your wild imagination spree starts, you grin, you blush, you're happy, your face is beaming, you're radiating happiness. Its okay to be spreading this kind of cheer in the air. But what IF, the reason you had was on a shaky foundation. What IF you had it all wrong. Your imagination comes crashing to the ground, and so does your self-esteem. You are angry you let yourself get carried away. Even if you aren't to blame, you think you suddenly seem vulnerable to even such a silly thing. You think everything was ridiculous, a lousy mistake.

You are this eccentric cheerful person, getting everyone around you to laugh. You make everybody laugh, the laughter which crosses the decent scale acceptable in society. Being that person, one day something is bugging you and your face is the crankiest thing possible. You are irritating to the core snapping at everybody who comes your way, no time for retrospection. You are Crankiness Personified. Then people come and ask you the reason for your mood. Why should this question alone be met with a proper reply? Mr./Ms. Crankiness Personified snaps at them. Later, you think everything was ridiculous, a lousy mistake.

All this, cos you are an expert at flexing you facial muscles to project what you are feeling. And most of the times, at a later point you end up repenting what you did earlier. So, why vent your emotions? Why not keep a hold on your integrity then? Good for you, good for everybody.

For the greater good,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

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krishna said...

seems like you read my mind.. (if you know what i mean)
Or does everybody have this thought??