Saturday, September 12

Random things that spice up Life!!

Trying out one-liners has been the culmination of all of it!!

Impossible made possible - Waking up for class on a Saturday morning!

Wouldn't miss for the world - The once-in-a-time hot dosas in mess though i'm already five mins late for class!

Terrible Twist- Only to find first hour cancelled. Darn! I could have had my morning coffee :(

Something amiss - Preparation for a presentation which at last I din have to deliver!

Muzzy mystery - Amidst terror sleeping in class, the notes I took which look nothing more than typical Greek and Latin now! (Even more mysterious, coz the subject happens to be Total Quality Mgmt :p )

Lunch - One huge bar chocolate! Yes, thats it!

Conquering the insurmountable - Hundred pages of a novel, the size of my pillow which in the past served its diligent purpose of putting me to sleep!

Out of the blue - Cafe Coffee Day-A lot can happen over coffee! Straight outta the heart, girl talk with my mate :) Irish coffee, Chicken hot dog! Cute kid in pink dancing ballet all over the place.

Quote of the day - Whats with guys and pink shirts? (Seriously people, it drives me MAD!)

Sheer bliss - Driving in the Kottur Road! Was literally screaming with joy while driving :p Darn it mate, I love driving :)

A pinch back to Reality - An ant which landed out of nowhere on my arm. Thanks to it, my arm is now swollen to twice its size.

Reliving History - The SQC Pathfinder. I could practically recall what my seniors spoke in my first year. This is one thing I din want to miss for the world. A lovely session. A great club :)
My favourite!

Too much of anything - Listening to the same song over and over for about ten times all the while writing this post. I'm sure i won't be listening to it for a long time!

So many things to fall in love with life!!

Its gonna be great
Its gonna be more than I can take
Its gonna be free
Its gonna be real
Its gonna change everything I feel
Its gonna be safe
Its gonna be new
Its gonna be me baby
Its gonna be you baby
Its gonna be love :)
-Background song in 'A Walk to Remember' which has forever since remained the startup sound in my laptop...

It simply makes sense to me here!
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

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