Sunday, September 20

Enlightened to Enlighten

Holy Cross Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School

Nostalgia as I step into the campus, to cast my vote first time. Dad being a dutiful citizen, dragged me out of the bed at 6:15. I groggily went without taking bath to my beloved campus. It then struck me - how much I miss my school.

The bell would ring at 8:30. I and my sis would start running from home at 8:27 and yes make it in time. School was stone's throw away from home. First hour everyday, for 14 years was Moral Science. To my alma mater, it was values before knowledge, everytime. Today, I realise how much these values have become an integral part of me.

LKG - Report Card arrives home carrying my Mam's comments 'Promotion Doubtful'
Yes, from my doubtful promotion to UKG to topping the district in 12th exams, my school has had the major role to play.

We eagerly looked forward to lab sessions and always got accurate readings. In case we did not, went to the extent of repairing the equipment themselves. Once, I emerged all greasy after making all the Daniel and Lechlanche cells in the lab work. The lab staff encouraged that kind of stuff. Here in college though, I hate labs. I literally HATE lab sessions.

The school chapel - no better place to pray. This is default in my itinerary on my visits to Tuty. I spend atleast half an hour there. The silence, peace, goodness this place brings. I miss tuty for that.

The mission sales - A full day sale on campus, where the profits are given to the mission. The innumerable stuff we come up with for selling - My, that was so cool!! Putting up a shamiana, the size of our basketball court- calling it the 12B restaurant. Ourselves waiting at the tables. Finally competing for the class with the max profit. :) Chopping up kgs and kgs of fruits to prepare delicious Fruit Salad, with milk powder, vanilla essence, raisins and nuts, chill it and store it for the next day. Ah, mouth watering even when I think about it.

Special classes in the evening, were we do nothing better than throng our canteen. Special classes in the summer hols for 12th when we were the only ones on campus. We did every possible stunt :p Those days when we bunk in school to leave for excursion early the next morning. Midnight basketball, sleeping in the corridor, scaring others with the eerie noises and secretly being scared ourselves. Ends with a good hearing from our staff, who is secretly amused with all this but then does her duty of scolding us :p

Dance practices in the auditorium above the labs. The age old building would literally shake when we are on our practising spree. The throw ball sessions during P.T class where the whole wide campus can hear our outroar. Thats coz we show 101 reactions for each throw like we're pro.

The buildings - The block where I spent my 6th and 7th std carried this sign 'Tread softly. Do not run' There were visible cracks over the place. Those days we dreaded landing along with debris on the primary class kids right below us. Our dreadful fantasies came to an end with the building being brought down and a trendier one was constructed.

And to think that all this was made possible by four French sisters who came down in 1904 to the small town of Tuticorin and sowed seeds to the larger than life school that it is today! More than a 100 years old, it is sure to witness the coming centuries, with students entering and leaving the portals of this shrine of learning. And I shall, forever be proud to brand myself a Holy Crossian!!!

Forever indebted,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

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revathy said...

lovely post de :) this brings back ma school memories :)