Sunday, May 3


I'm damn sure all of us experience this (coz its a happened a lot o' times to me, and i'm no supernatural being).

Have you ever been in a state, when you're totally pissed off with the people around you. And it feels so alien because they're the people you always had a hell lot of fun with. Whose company brought you that good sense of life, of living. Physical pain seems nothing then. The emotional turbulence you go through, is so disheartening. You know well enough, this is not what you want to go through, but all the same its happening to you and you are helpless about it. Those times you are convinced you can't do anything about it. You feel people around you are so selfish (somehow i don like that word, i prefer self-centred instead- To me self-centred is more an irony than notorious selfish. N i think irony is one of the most brilliantly conceived ideas). Things really bad (most of them not true) about those people start reeling in your mind. You want to shut if off, but there's a secret yearning to let it continue, to let those not-good ideas take root in your heart. Those times mate, you really need to seal the by-pass from your mind to the heart. Let your mind be strong then. Your heart- let it be vulnerable. No, its good. You've got to let your emotions show. Basic human being. (Being - the verb).
Divert your mind. You'd want to talk about it most probably. You're absolutely sure no one would listen to you, or rather listen for listen-sake. Trust me mate, you'd really want the person listening to you too, to form those ideas in their mind. And you wouldn't be convinced until they do. So there's a lot of controlling your mind's got to do. Let me tell you, don't control that either. Imaginations or thoughts or reminiscences or perceptions need constantly be flowing in your mind. Again- basic human being.

I've arrived at this solution (And that evolved when i began this post).
Seriously do something else.
Most of the times the above is impossible.
Think about that situation from a new light.
Better still, the vantage point.
Trust me, i know its real difficult.
But once you achieve that, you become a human being you want the earth to be filled with.
And whats more wonderful than being content with one-self.
That mate, is the principle of being.

Happy being,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

P.S. Excuse me if i make no sense here. But do come back, read this, when you are in a furious state you have no words to explain.


Kishore Seetharam said...

Viciously Frightening!!
One can really sense what this girl must've been going through.

The hatred was almost simmering out visibly, until those last few lines where she presents possible solutions, which ,I say,are extremely tough to implement.

One cannot but agree that this is inherently true, say what you want and deny how much ever you want.

And to think that you could have been the cause for something like this, aint it terrifying?

So be advised that you act after a second thought always. It saves a lot [of anger,embarassment,hatred,etc..]

vaishu said...

what yo burst out here is really true mate...Esp when you are in so much anger that nothing around you makes sense...And let me tell you what I do during those times of outburst...I'll just be quiet(mostly alone) and try diverting my mind...Because what I feel is that people do stupid things when they are just wait..wait..wait..and then finally cool it off..And later when you are back to your normal senses..When you look at this whole issue it might seem funny...If you sill feel that its a serious issue talk it out with the person concerned in an easy way with no hard feelings....

LV said...

I have really enjoyed your two blogs! Love your refernces to Ann - pronounced with an e of course! Lived my adolescent life by her rules :) x

VIJITHA said...

Thanks a lot ppl, for your lovely comments.

Michelle said...

wow that is true, I could feel it!