Wednesday, May 13

Perfecting the Art of Laziness

Could there be a better line to an ad about a Holiday Resort than this:

“Perfecting the Art of Laziness”

I’m a great fan of these artistic lines.

To express a lot in a few words!!! Great marketing plan mate. Through pictures and videos, it becomes relatively easy (Or so I think). But in a few words, to capture people’s hearts and minds?? It’s a meticulously conceived brilliant job I should say.

The one I love most is this poem (kinda) about a bank..

She knows whats amazing about you
She knows whats not
She knows your hands go damp in the lift
That you aren’t listening when you swear you are
You think its scary to have someone like that
Its scarier still
Not having someone like that
We understand relationships
Which is why our bank offers….. blah blah blah

Great, right?

Will keep updating this post.

Until later,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

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