Wednesday, May 20

Smitten by love

Yes, I've fallen head over heels in love with this book, "Anne of Green Gables".  Some of you may think its kiddish.  But no, you can derive so much from it time to time.  I chanced upon this book back in my school library and borrowed it so many times then on, that i've memorised half of it.  It is a series of eight books written by Lucy Maud Montgomery about the life of Anne Shirley.  

Anne is an orphan who has a splendid imagination and mesmerises people with her talk.  She comes to green gables under the care of Mathew and Marilla Cuthbert.  She has had a hard time in life and is in the 'heights of happiness' when she's been adopted.  So its 'depths of despair' when she figures that there had been a mistake.  They had wanted a boy not a girl.  She goes on to stay and her life then on, in school, at GreenGables forms the story.  It happens in the beautiful Prince Edward island of Canada.  The author beautifully brings Canada in front of your eyes that I personally feel, the movie din do full justice to the aesthetic sense of the author.  

Anne is bound to become your heroine.  You simply can't get enough of her admiration for everything in life.  Her fancies, imaginations, dreams and clumsy little wrongdoings. Gilbert Blythe(!!!).  He's another reason why you should read this book.

I really wouldn't be able to tell you the story in par with the author.  So get your copy and read it.  And go ahead, fall in love. 

Happy reading,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)
(Anne Shirley stresses on this point, and so do I ;)  )  


LV said...

i watched the series when i was 14 and wanted to be her! You have to watch the series they made you will love it - I then read the books over and over! The series - though a little different - does the books justice. I will try and find the link on amazon for you as you have to make sure you wtach the right ones. I just made my neice watch it and she too fell in love. I love her drama. In Canada - they study the books at school and Prince Edward Island does Anne tours! amazing! oops got bit carried away :)

LV said...

just seen that you have seen the movie - wonder if its the same one?

VIJITHA said...

No its totally okie to get carried away :) N ya sure will love to have the series link... i'll send ya the movie link i watched asap :):)

LV said...

yes please do! x