Sunday, May 31

Secrets Revealed

Thats kinda stupid!!!

Coz I believe I'm a girl of many secrets and all I hear is ppl telling me I'm an open book..

I remember English class in 12th std and mam asked something about us, I said I'm an introvert and the funny part is I believed it was true till now..

Now, what really happened?
God! Life's happening and I can't seem to keep track of it enough! Phew!
I don't hold one secret (If secret still means what only one person knows).  There's everything about me, that atleast one other person knows..

Could it be really serious?
I don't understand myself -in that I think something about me, and the whole world thinks the exact opposite..  Even if this is gonna pose no harm, I better go contact a psychatrist right now...

Linda Goodman says Cancerians have a lot of secrets....
Have I happily believed in that that its hard to let go...

I din have one friend I can call 'close' or 'best' in school...
There was this gang of mine which met for lunch, only for lunch!
And I was okay with that.  :p
It all happened here in coll... I've this great gang of gala gala friends...
And a 'bosom friend' for life.
Maybe thats why...

Truth is, I have my friends and life has become a much better place to live in, that its changed this one very important trait of mine..  And I for one, am glad fate happened....

Some things are beautiful when kept inside oneself- to think and to keep on thinking about it...
Such things for me when shared with my friends has given beautiful moments, I'd take pride treasuring  :)

A tribute to my friends,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e)

p.s.  I'll be using smileys which don have a nose, in that
        it'll be like :) instead of :-) because of a promise I 
        made to my friend who hasn't one.. Ha, ha you'll
        figure it out when you look at her.  (Cool, mate!)

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