Sunday, May 17


Now, do you get scared at the things life has got in store for you?

These things give you a jolt the first time you think about it. It keeps reeling in your mind, scaring the guts out of you. And then not even knowing fully about it, you shun away from it. You don't wanna do it, don't wanna make any effort to know further about it.

Why does all this happen?

Here's my go at it.

  • You have no experience about this, and that scares you… Or we could call it, “Doing something for the first time”

This is natural. The reason why we cry on the first day of kindergarten. The reason why being alone someplace new terrorises you. The reason why anything new sends a shiver down your spine. 

But, I gotta admit not every firsts go like this. There are a lot of things you enjoy doing for the first time. This thing you are scared of- you’ll enjoy it after its over. Darn, the fact is, people just wouldn’t remember that “instant of trembliness” after its all over. All the same you experience it. Ah, and seriously some of you are brave enough, you never get that feeling. I admire people like that.
People like that- I’ll be awfully glad to get pointers from you on how to be brave like that. 

There is this friend of mine, who holds dear this line:

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

This whole mighty world has got a place for you in it. You gotta co-exist. There need be no need for you to get scared or tensed about it. Just think about it. Everything is there for you to be a part of. Then why be hesitant at being a part of. Its only “being a part of”. Its not about winning or losing at it. In fact, you can never tell which is which. What is winning to you, maybe the criteria of a total loser to another. So why bother?? Now that doesn’t sound scary at all- just being a part of. 

  •  Often it is one of those things you are not interested in, that its got this prologue of trembliness. But then mate, looking at the things ones not interested in…. hmmm…. I’d classify my “enemies” in that list (Again, my friends have told me not to use that notorious term easily on anybody, but as of now :p ). If you aren’t a scorpio (who’d love the chance to get back on their enemies), you are so totally ‘not-interested’ in them and their doings. This leads to the fact that you don’t freak out at having to encounter them, let alone getting scared. Think of that thing (the I-scare-you thing) also in that light. And lo! it doesn’t even matter anymore. 

  •  Just classify it into one of these and keep reminding yourself about it, everytime an i-scare-you thing pops into your life. Soon enough, it becomes a part of your attitude and you’re happy with it. Its no longer, ‘scary-things’ in your life, but ‘surprises’ of life.

“You could be mad as a mad dog at the way things went
You could swear,
Curse the fates….
But when it comes to the end.
You have to let go.”

- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

This is all that is,
Anne (pronounced Ann, spelled with an e).


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vaishu said...

This is a great post ma fren,One of my favourites in this world to discuss about.People get so monotonous in their life.And one day when they turn back to see what they have done in their life.They ll see nothing but the same routine.Do something anything for that matter that changes a routine and you ll feel that your whole self is refreshed and you ll get more energy and enthusiasm in life.As the quote in this post goes...
"when was the last time you did something for the first time?-keep discovering"

Michelle said...

Love this and so true!

I am a bit of a chicken at trying new things but luckily I have great friends, and their saying is..

"Whats the worse that can happen." Which does help.

hehe... thanks for this

LV said...

this made me smile :)